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Crystal Creek Nursery and Cafe are open Friday to Monday only

It is suggested that you phone to double check if you are want to visit

Here at Crystal Creek  Nursery  we love unusual plants and sell plants that are decorative, lasting often edible 

Come and enjoy the nursery, have lunch in the Rainforest Verandah Cafe, feed the native fish and tortoises in beautiful Crystal Creek, or do the tour to meet all the amazing miniature animals

We now have baby native foxtail palms (Wodyetia Bifurcata) for sale here at Crystal Creek Nursery

All of the plants below are photos taken from our own gardens. We are getting compliments from people all over the world which is much appreciated because as any gardener knows it is a lot of hard work!

We have lovely live Christmas trees in pots. Yes living Christmas trees for your Christmas!

Evodiella Muelleri

or little Evodia

Very hardy rainforest shrub

Butterfly and bird attracting with lolly pink flowers for many weeks in summer

Great in a tub on the patio

The beautiful Congo Cockatoo!

Such vibrant colours

Everyone talks about this plant!

Colourful foliage plants and ardisia crispa with its cheery red berries.

It looks great on the table for lunch or a dinner party

Mix and match your plants! Make use of colourful pots! Succulents galore and bat plants
Why not check out our large range of Bromeliads here at Crystal Creek Nursery?

Why not plan an outing? Have lunch or coffee in our Crystal Creek side Rainforest Verandah Cafe? Where there are a myriad of fish and tortoises playing in the crystal clear creek

Take home a jar of our home made jam or try our yummy ice cream made right here!


We have many different bromeliads for sale
Magnificent Tropical Rhododendrons


This one is Rhododendron Gardenia and it has a faint perfume


These are the finger limes on our trees here at Crystal Creek Nursery.

We grow the finger limes for sale here from cuttings from trees that have fruited so they will produce fruit much more quickly than  seedling plants.

We have the pink fruiting  finger lime trees here as well



  Isn't this fine ivy basket a show stopper!

We have it available here at Crystal Creek Nursery.

Buy a small pot and grow your own basket


  We have this lovely pink magnolia tree available now at Crystal Creek Nursery


One of the most beautiful vines I know Thunbergia Mysorensis will greet you as you walk into Crystal Creek Cafe.

Commonly known as the golden slipper vine it does in fact look as though a fairy princess could slip her tiny foot into the golden slipper. Her handsome prince could then take her dancing all night!

We have pots of these  golden slipper vines available here at Crystal Creek Nursery


We have Angel's trumpet trees for sale.

Their name is Brugmansia. They are highly decorative


The amazing Richmond Birdwing butterfly of the northern area of NSW and SE Queensland is becoming more and more difficult to find.

First you need a ready supply of food for the lava which is supplied by the special rainforest vine -  Aristolochia praevenosa.

We sell the vines here at Crystal Creek Nursery


Rare plants for sale at crystal creek nursery, northern nsw near goldcoast hinterland

Allamanda Cherry Ripe We have all the allamandas growing in our grounds as they add to the tropical feel of the nursery

Come and enjoy the plants, browse and see  the tortoises swimming in the clear Crystal Creek. There are also native eel tailed catfish and mullet  as well as the odd eel and silver perch.

We are often asked what the fish are and can proudly say they are all native fish!


Long and prolific flowering plant Chorysia Speciosa a very unusual tree indeed! It has these large orchid like flowers during autumn. Growing thickly up the trunk and along the branches are myriads of thorns that are shaped like little pyramids. One evening we saw a possum up in the branches and I had to wonder how it could walk up there It seems to have flowered for a long time and quite profusely after the dry summer this year



Tasty and unusual fruit The flower of the dragon fruit, a succulent from Vietnam which doesn't mind damp conditions. The fruit is sold in supermarkets and there are several varieties One fruit has yellow flesh and is sweeter than the other but the red one is spectacular. The flesh is crimson and dotted with jet black seeds. It enhances a platter of salad
Red dragon fruit growing on the stem of the succulent

It is climbing up the shadehouse

What a scrumptious looking fruit What a large strawberry!

No, it's the red dragon fruit

Bright red with black seeds in contrast

It dresses up a salad platter


Jabticaba try the jam and our home made real ice cream Fruits: Jaboticaba fruit is grape-like in appearance and texture but with a thicker, tougher skin. Most California fruit is dark purple to almost black in color. Averages size is one inch in diameter but can run from 3/4 to 1-1/2 inches, depending on species and variety. The gelatinous whitish pulp contains from one to four small seeds and has a pleasant, subacid flavor markedly similar to certain muscadine grapes. The skin has a slight resinous flavor that is not objectionable. Fruit may be produced singly or in clusters from the ground up all over the trunk and main branches, and the plant may fruit up to five times per year. Fresh fruit is delicious eaten out-of-hand and can be made into jellies, jams and wine.

Check out our jam on the cafe page


Grumichama makes delicious jam The grumichama is native and wild in coastal southern Brazil, especially in the states of Parana and Santa Catarina. It is cultivated in and around Rio de Janeiro, also in Paraguay. A specimen was growing in Hope Gardens, Jamaica, in 1880 and a tree was planted in the Botanical Gardens, Singapore, in 1888, fruited in 1903

Fully ripe grumichamas are pleasant to nibble out-of-hand. in Hawaii, half-ripe fruits are made into pie, jam or jelly.  

Check out our cafe page for our jams


One of the better Australian natives The Golden Penda, an Australian rainforest plant is really beautiful and one of the more prolific flowering. It's lovely golden flower will delight any gardener as well as the birds and the bees!   


Queensland Tree Waratah Alloxylon flammeum formerly Oreocallis wickhamii

Known for its beautiful pink timber, it is also regarded as one of the most striking of the rainforest trees

Beautiful Qld Tree Waratah Close up of the amazing Qld Tree Waratah  Flower


Luxuriant Fraser Island vine

Fraser Island Creeper

Tecomanthe hillii

Prolific when in flower and stunning


One of the most stunning flowers in the world the Bat Plant! Absolutely stunning the Bat Plant!
Truly amazing the Bat Plant! The Gorgeous Bat Plant
Tacca Chantrieri

A beautiful and fascinating plant from the rainforests of New Guinea and Malaysia. According to local tribes the plant has mystical powers but its uses and purpose are shrouded in secrecy.
Bat Plants like to be kept moist at all times and no direct sunlight.
They will flower  in December until April even in very shady spots.
They like high humidity 


Prumnopitys Ladei
or Black Pine
Slow growing rainforest plant, medium to tall evergreen shrub or small dense tree with stiff growth habit

Attractive flaky, black bark

Rows of small, flat, bright green fern-like leaves

Tolerates full sun to full shade

Ideal tub specimen due to slow growth Great foliage plant for low light areas


Climbing Frangipani

Large tropical leaves which grace any garden

Hardy climber with fragrant white flowers during summer and autumn

Grow in warm sunny position

Tolerates moderate frost

Chonemorpha Fragrans


Climbing Frangipani



Syzygium Wilsonii a beautiful small native shrub Syzygium Wilsonii a beautiful rainforest native growing to only about 2 m

We have one growing well in full sun as well as one  in the shade


Bobacopsis Glabrum Bonsai trees are one of the most fascinating hobbies one can have 
(second only to miniature animals of course)
and naturally my love of all things miniature has translated to our plant nursery
Green Island Fig Bonsai Fig Forest


A beautiful palm from New Caledonia rare in Australia

Striking species with slender trunk and crown of dark green, curved pinnate fronds. These are brilliant red when young and are quite spectacular

Plants are very slow growing and each new frond may take up to five months to expand

Plants take many years to mature and produce fruit which are crimson when ripe

Its neat habit makes it a very desirable garden subject.

Grows well in full sun (see above) and unlike many palms that produce red fronds will tolerate cold



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