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Why not arrange morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea at Crystal Creek Cafe and buy some gifts for a keepsake or friends?

When you do the tour at Crystal Creek Miniatures you will meet a fine old lady who has been around for quite some time. 

She is the only large animal among all the Lilliputian animals

Her antics with John  will amuse and delight you. Of course like all performers she plays up to the crowds.

There are many photo opportunities to be had here with your children and Palmdale Mishka

There are horse gifts as mementos featuring Palmdale Mishka

There is her story, a delightful book illustrated by Ron Revitt

Ron's pen and ink drawings are available in a laminated form for placemats or wall  

The tee shirt with the line drawing from the front of the book "The Story of Palmdale Mishka" which is of course all about Palmdale Mishka herself

Then there is the large photo badge of her as well as the hat badge

There is also a photo fridge magnet

Add to your collection her photo teaspoon or the thimble

There are also screen printed pillowcases

As well there is the screen printed library bag with contrasting handle 

We also have many other horse gifts for sale and on display

Why not buy horse gifts for your family or friends?


John and Palmdale Mishka share a secret

John and Palmdale Mishka share a secret


Young visitor feeding Palmdale Mishka with the food provided

Palmdale Mishka enjoying something to eat from one of our young visitors on the tour at Crystal Creek Miniatures 

Why not visit us and do the tour to meet her then purchase one of our many horse gifts to treasure


Palmdale Mishka gift pack



The Story of Palmdale Mishka


These are the teaspoon, photo badge or photo magnet and the thimble available in the Palmdale Mishka horse gifts range


Why not a pair of horse lamps for your room or to set off a bar?

Just Aud$300.00 plus postage

These unusual horse lamps would make a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for that someone special

These horse lamps stand approx 53 cm high

Wouldn't they make a lovely gift?


What about this wonderful heavy glass and brass crab light from Italy? 

Wouldn't someone you know love it as a gift? Contact us on 02 66 791 532



We have Australiana giftware, novelty giftware, hand painted pots you won't see anywhere else

We have gifts for the horse lover 

Statues, from small to large, jewellery, magnets, even puppets and soft toys


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"The Amazing World of Animals in Miniature"

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