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The Following Horses are for Sale

Please Click on Photos for Larger Versions and More Information

Click on Stallions of Palmdale Stud to see some of our boys

Do you want to own one of the most highly coloured tiny fine horse type minis around?

Check out our foals for this year!

Here at Palmdale Stud we have set up our 16 stables for  the horses with 8 internal and 8 on the outside with yards off them

Our foals are named alphabetically 

2005 is the "T" Year

Contact us! We have over 80 miniature horses and some are always for sale. You might see one you like that we have not thought of selling. 

Do the stud tour and see them all! 

Have lunch in the Rainforest Verandah Cafe

Look at this page for mares in foal to Kotta Park Lethal Weapon

Mares and foals of 2012

Really strong little foal only hours old Lovely little fellow. Strong only hours old Lovely little filly with her mum
Kaffir with her new born filly How is this little girl for perfect? Palmdale Risque's silver dapple splashed white filly What a tiny little doll. Palmdale Penelope and her filly Antoinette
Kaffir's filly poses with dad behind her Palmdale Kandy Lane has done it again. A beautiful overo colt  



Mares and Fillies and Colts For Sale

Palmdale Yarra SOLD Palmdale Zeus  SOLD Palmdale Yogi with friends SOLD


Palmdale Prince William SOLD Palmdale Yoshima SOLD  



Some of our 2011 Mares and foals

Palmdale Poppin and her gorgeous boy Zorba Palmdale Osiris and her filly SOLD Palmdale Jasmin and her filly just born a few minutes before
Madonna and her foal SOLD    


Some of our 2010 Mares and foals

Palmdale Yvette Filly DOB 12.10.2010 SOLD Palmdale Sheyenne  BOTH SOLD New Filly DOB SOLD
Kandy Lane's filly SOLD Sire Palmdale Orions Star Dam Palmdale Uma Filly Palmdale Yoshi Palmdale Madonna's new filly Palmdale Yasmine SOLD
Palmdale Yankee, P Yaris SOLD and P Yukon SOLD Palmdale Sheyenne SOLD with P Yukon SOLD and P Yazmin  
Palmdale Valentino arrives to his new Mum Doris after a very long trip to Townsville.


He has now settled in well and is a much loved member of the family


We are awaiting a pic of Valentino with his new doggy pals


Here are some Bargain horses from OUR  Retirement Sale

Not the horses

Palmdale Tequila SOLD Palmdale Naomi SOLD Palmdale Quicksilver SOLD
Palmdale Mademoiselle Palmdale Geisha Girl Palmdale Egyptian Oracle SOLD
Palmdale Sheyenne (new foal see above) SOLD Palmdale Osiris Palmdale Utopia SOLD
Palmdale Quaint  SOLD Palmdale Quoll Palmdale Vienna SOLD
Palmdale Quest for Perfection SOLD Palmdale Ulysses stallion SOLD  


Some of our 2009 Mares and foals


Palmdale The X Man with Palmdale Romar his mum
who is only 28 inches tall


Some of our 2008 Mares and foals


Palmdale Warrior SOLD with Julie Palmdale Western Star SOLD with Julie Palmdale Whisperer SOLD


Palmdale Kandy Lane and

Palmdale Warrior

Palmdale Kaffir

Palmdale Western Star

Palmdale Warrior

Palmdale Western Star behind




Palmdale Whisperer SOLD
tiny little fellow
Palmdale Whisperer SOLD

Left side

Palmdale Whisperer SOLD

Right side

Palmdale Jasmine with
colt Palmdale Ulysses
rare frame overo
DOB 25.8.06
Sire KP Lethal Weapon
Palmdale Madonna with
filly Palmdale Unity, rare frame overo
DOB 28.8.06
Sire KP Lethal Weapon
Palmdale Matsumi with
Palmdale Uma, rare frame overo filly
DOB 22.9.06
Sire K P Lethal Weapon



Dam Palmdale Kontessa SOLD
new colt foal SOLD
DOB 8.8.06
Sire Palmdale Orion's Star

Palmdale Geisha Girl
filly buckskin foal SOLD
DOB 8.8.06
Sire Palmdale Jardine


Some of our 2005 Mares and foals


Palmdale Mademoiselle with filly
Palmdale Tiara
DOB 1.9.05 
Sire Palmdale Jardine
Palmdale Kismet with filly
Palmdale Tequila just born
DOB 11.10.05
Sire Palmdale Jardine
Palmdale Isabella SOLD with filly
Palmdale Tiffany just born SOLD
DOB 6.10.05
Sire K P Lethal Weapon



Palmdale Janelle with colt
DOB 8.9.05
Sire Palmdale Jardine


Some of our 2004 Mares and foals

Palmdale Ostentatious SOLD with filly
Palmdale Silver Princess SOLD
Silver dapple overo
DOB 7.1.05
Sire K P Lethal Weapon
Palmdale Heidi SOLD with filly
Palmdale Sheyenne
Chestnut overo
DOB 10.12.04
Sire K P Lethal Weapon
Palmdale Satin filly SOLD
Dam Palmdale Jamaican Pearl
DOB 15.11.05
Sire K P Lethal Weapon



Palmdale Oshin Filly
Palmdale Satome SOLD
DOB 5.12.04
Sire Palmdale Orion's Star

Palmdale Madonna Filly
Palmdale Sapphire SOLD
DOB 6.12.04
Sire K P Lethal Weapon
Palmdale Jazelle SOLD Colt
Palmdale Sierra SOLD
DOB 16.2.05
Sire KP Lethal Weapon



Palmdale Idaho SOLD
Colt foal by K P Lethal Weapon SOLD
DOB 10.12.04
Palmdale Natasha SOLD
Colt foal Palmdale Sharif SOLD
Sire Palmdale Omar
DOB 19.3.2005
Palmdale Jasmine
Filly foal Palmdale Shiraz SOLD
Sire K P Lethal Weapon
DOB 16.4.2005



Some of our 2003 Mares and foals

Palmdale Gazelle with SOLD
Palmdale Razelle Dazzelle filly,
DOB 7.9.03 SOLD
Sire Palmdale Jardine
Click on photo to see foal clipped by new owner
Palmdale Lucinda 78 cm with 
Palmdale Rasputin tiny white colt SOLD
DOB 1.10.03
Ht 16.3.2004  63 cm

Sire Palmdale Jiggilo


Palmdale Mademoiselle 82.5 cm and
Palmdale Risque filly SOLD
DOB 21.90.03
Ht 16.3.2004  68.5 cm

Sire Palmdale Jardine



Palmdale Nefertiti 85 cm and 
Palmdale Rani filly SOLD
DOB 16.9.03 
Ht 16.3.2004 67.5 cm
Sire Palmdale Hattrick
Palmdale Kandy Lane 78.5 cm and 
Palmdale Rembrandt colt, SOLD
DOB 9.11.03
Ht 16.3.2004  64.5cm
Sire Palmdale Jardine
Palmdale Rhapsody
DOB 7.9.03
Ht 16.3.2004  69 cm
Dam Palmdale Kismet
Sire Palmdale Jardine


Palmdale Rosetta
DOB 14.8.2003
Ht 16.3.2004 67.5cm
Dam Palmdale Natasha
Sire Palmdale Silvers Hattrick
Palmdale Odette SOLD
DOB 23.9.2000
Dam Palmdale Kashmir, silver dapple tricolour palouse
Sire Log Cabin Farms Casper (imp USA)


Other Mares


 Niscinda Rose Lee SOLD
Double Reg AMPS and Shetland
Palmdale Lillian          SOLD
Palmdale Quidditch   SOLD
By Chance Crystal Palomino SOLD
Ht 81.5 cm
DOB 11.11.99
Dam Carisbrook Nairobi
Sire Mini World Albie



Stallions and Colts For Sale


This stunning horse is
Palmdale Quest for Perfection
DOB 26.8.2002
Dam Palmdale Janelle
Sire Palmdale Jardine
Ht 78 cm
He is a very rare splashed white overo


P Egypt's white colt Quo Vadis


Palmdale Omar 
Medicine Hat colt
Omar is 74.5 cm (29.5") 
I imported his mother from USA  Her Name is H B Legacys Powder Puff She was 29.5"
If you click on Stallions of Palmdale stud at the top of our horses for sale page you will see her information


Palmdale Pizzaz SOLD
DOB 6.11.01 
Ht   4.4.2004    71cm


Palmdale Nikita SOLD Palmdale Jiggilo 71.5 cm SOLD Palmdale Quentin SOLD


Palmdale Pokemon SOLD
DOB 24.12.2001
Ht  4.4.04     76 cm
Dam Palmdale Matsumi
Sire Palmdale Jardine
Palmdale Paddington SOLD
DOB 2.01.2002
Ht  4.4.04     76.5 cm
Dam By Chance Sunshine
Sire Silverdale Sage King 



Palmdale Mr  Magnificent - SOLD Palmdale Picador - SOLD
Palmdale Paradise - SOLD



Geldings For Sale

Palmdale Nashua gelding SOLD Palmdale Nimbus gelding SOLD
To see what his new owner Renee has done with Nimbus click on Photo
Palmdale Nashville gelding - SOLD
Palmdale Don Quixote SOLD
To see how Quixote new owners have fun with him, click on Photo
Palmdale Piccolo SOLD Palmdale Pompei Palouse SOLD

Reference Sires - NFS

Palmdale Jardine Palmdale Silvers Hattrick


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