Miniature Donkeys


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Newest baby girl with her doting mum

Two baby girls from this year while dad keeps an eye on things



Ranger Stacey from Totally Wild with film crew and John doing the story at Crystal Creek Miniatures May 2014




Did you see our minis on Totally Wild?

The mini donkeys were on on Sat 26th July 2014 at 8 am

The mini cattle will be featured on Sat 16th July 2014 at 8 am on channel Ten

if you missed it or to see it again check it out at Totally Wild on the net



February 2012


Here we have the mini donkey family relaxing by the clear Crystal Creek

From left we have Eve, then Holly, then new baby Molly with her mother Crystal and then dad Jack on the right

Crystal Creek is so clear you can see every rock on the bottom and even the fish

John is horsing around or is it "donkeying" around with Jack and Eve on the lovely summer's day




Come and meet our beautiful Little girl mini donkey Palmdale Eve born on Christmas Eve. She loves everybody!
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Adam who works at Crystal Creek Miniatures with the baby donkey born in late 2005
Our baby's photo was in the Goldcoast Bulletin Newspaper 


Miniature donkeys are truly one of nature's cuddly toys. With their long elegant ears, gentle disposition and large liquid eyes,  they would have to be the most fascinating of animals.

Long known for their sure footedness they have been used over the centuries for negotiating the most inhospitable terrain including paths that overhang cliffs of immense proportions


John with our resident donkey jack Palmdale Imran


As beasts of burden the donkey dates back to biblical times and beyond, carrying loads that would daunt other animals. Indeed even in the present days they are still the main form of transport in the middle east and vast areas of the south Americas

We would like to share some photos of our little donkey family with you.

Palmdale Misty with her new baby Pedro born in January 2002


People having fun when they meet our miniature donkey family


Imagine having your own miniature donkey at home!


the sun's in my eyes dad!
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"The Amazing World of Animals in Miniature"

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"The Amazing World of Animals in Miniature"

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