Television Shows and Print Media 
that have featured Palmdale Stud Home of Miniature Animals

Corner of Numinbah Rd and Upper Crystal Creek Rd
Northern NSW, Australia

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"The Amazing World of Animals in Miniature"

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Over the years Palmdale Stud has been featured on many television shows such as 

Simon Townsend's Wonder World

Totally Wild (two different times)

Top Spots of Sydney (produced by Channel 7)

Sing Me a Rainbow


Midday Show

The Great Outdoors (with Ernie Dingo)  2000

Great South East  2001

Sydney Weekender (with Mike Whitney)    2001

Saturday Extra  2001

We have been featured in print also

The Australian Women's Weekly in 1994

The Daily Telegraph

That's Life in 2002

Gold Coast Bulletin

The Daily News

Australian Post

Filming for a documentary for Granada Television London about 10 migrant families to Australia January 2003

Now we have been filmed for a video clip for a band "Lazy Ocean Glitters" May 2003


Why not visit  Crystal Creek Miniatures at Palmdale Stud

The Amazing world of Animals in Miniature

And see what all the excitement is about!

The Great Outdoors with Ernie Dingo

Carolyn and John pose for a photo with Ernie Dingo when he visited Crystal Creek Miniatures for filming for The Great Outdoors

Totally Wild with Craig McMahon 2003

Totally Wild filming  which will be aired on Friday December 2003 and then repeated Tuesday 16th December 2003


Craig McMahon, presenter, Carolyn Tebbutt, Jingle Bells and Razzamatazz Craig McMahon, Shane Dyson cameraman and Razzamatazz Jingle Bells and her palomino filly Craig, Shane and Ashley Eden sound


John and Craig mixing it with the mini cattle Craig getting friendly with the little folk Talking with the minidonkeys

Sydney Weekender with Mike Whitney

Filming at the miniature cattle with Mike Whitney's crew

The Great South East with Laurel Edwards

Laurel Edwards and crew of Great South East

Granada Television documentary for London television 

Filming in the stables at Crystal Creek Miniatures 

The documentary looks at how British families have settled into migrating to Australia

On the left we have the "talent" and the film crew and director for the Granada Television documentary

"Lazy Ocean Glitters" Music Video Clip

On the left
Mark a member of Lazy Ocean Glitters band with the real stars

Filming for Video clip for the band Lazy Ocean Glitters

Doing our best to satisfy the gruelling pace in front of the cameras again!

Where's makeup?



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