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At Palmdale Stud we imported our first stallion from USA 

His name is Diamond D's Silver Knight (imp USA) He is a beautiful Silver dapple 

We still have some of his daughters which we have bred to some of our other imported stallions

The next two were Hemlock Brooks Golden King (imp USA) a Palomino 

The Midnight Blue Dancer (imp USA) arrived with him another Silver Dapple

The fourth stallion is Log Cabin Farms Casper (imp USA)

He is a very unusual stallion being only 28" high and totally white with blue eyes.

He is what I would term a prepotent stallion as he stamps his colour and genes on most of his foals, producing white foals with blue eyes from any colour mare - bay, black, chestnut, grey, as well as from dilute mares such as buckskin or palomino

His sire in the States is  horse named Mini Hoofs Mountain Man, a palomino Palouse and his dam is Raintrees Shammie a white mare with blue eyes

Mini Hoofs Mountain Man USA Raintrees Shammie USA

Some of his sons we have retained and bred from are

Palmdale Jiggilo, son of LC Farms Casper (imp USA)

Palmdale Jiggilo

Palmdale Orion's Star is the rare splashed white colour and is only 28"  He is with his first few mares this season

He is the grandson of L C F Casper (imp USA)


One of my favourites is Palmdale Jardine His dam we imported from USA

Her name is Hemlock Brooks Legacys Powder Puff She is a fine tiny mare with one chestnut ear

Hemlock Brooks Legacys Powder Puff (imp USA)

She is the dam of 

Palmdale Jardine

Palmdale Omar

Palmdale Quoll


Palmdale Jardine

He is the sire of many foals to our LC Farms Casper (imp USA) daughters 


Palmdale Omar

We bred him for the first time last year and he has given us a gorgeous horse type filly to a Log Cabin Farms Casper (imp USA) mare


Another stallion we have recently acquired is Kotta Park Lethal Weapon

We would like to thank Sonya Hanley for the opportunity to have him 

He is currently with a number of our mares


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