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Quixote by the pool Quixote and new sister Quixote that's a dog's dish
Quixote's new family Up you get Daddy What's up James?


Quixote arrived this afternoon and he is beautiful.  We put him in the back
yard to settle in whilst we invited the driver to sit down for a cup of tea.
Quixote was standing beside me at the table and begging for a pat before the
tea was even poured.    He has been following us around like a dog all
afternoon and helped my husband finish his stable.  The kids are deliriously
happy and Quixote has been very tolerant of constant patting and having
grass shoved in his mouth so he doesn't have to pick it himself.  He has
made himself at home wandering through the rumpus room to find the kids and
exploring the garage to find where his Lucerne is kept.  The horse has been
trying to play with the dog chasing it around the yard.  The dog isn't yet
convinced that the horse doesn't want to eat her, but I'm sure she will
figure it out.  We will send you a family photo in a week or so, thanks for
our new family member.  Ta Deb

He is great company and follows me around the yard helping me
to garden and water.  Hope you like the pictures



Palmdale Don Quixote with John before he left our stud
Palmdale Don Quixote
DOB 29.10.02
Sire Palmdale Jardine
Dam Palmdale Kamir

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